The Red Squirrel – A Future in the Forest

Now as part of the team of rewilding advocacy and communications organisation, SCOTLAND: The Big Picture (SBP) I will be available to deliver an exciting new presentation.

The Red Squirrel – A Future in the Forest, is a breath-taking celebration of this glorious arboreal acrobat illustrated with world-class images from the team at SBP. Packed with natural history facts, and anecdotes, it also highlights the vital importance of woodland restoration to secure the future of this much-loved endangered mammal and the other creatures that share its world. The presentation also includes a poignant short film on the story of three tiny squirrels, received at only 3 days of age and the ensuing work to rear them to eventual release back into the wild.

Set against a backdrop of stunning imagery, this show will provide an informative and inspiring experience for meetings, conferences and events.

For further information on this dedicated SBP event, fees and availability contact:

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